KNX 8-Way Push Switch+2-fold Dimmer Actuator N Plus

Cat. no.: UP048000
● Push button and status indication
● Push button for operate dimmer manual
● Control switch state of the lamp
● Relative dimming function
● Control brightness values of the lamp
● State report, error report
● 16 scenes setting
● Status response
● Selection of preferred state after bus voltage failure and recovery
● Preset function, set preset function

  • Output, load terminal
  • KNX/EIB bus connection
  • No using, reserved
  • Touch button
  • Programming button and LED,red LED for assigning the physical address,
    green LED for device running normally
  • Manual operation button and LED
  • For screw to fix device
  • Power Supply: 21~30V DC, via the EIB bus
  • Current consumption <24mA
  • Power consumption: Max.720mW
  • Un rated voltage: 230V AC (50/60 HZ)
  • In rated current: 1A
  • Max. leakage loss: 5W
  • Red LED and push button: For assigning the physical address
  • Green LED flashing: For display device running normally
  • Touch button and LED: For operation and status indication
  • Push button and LED: For operate dimmer and status indication
  • EIB/KNX: Bus connection terminal (black/red)
  • Terminal: For load
  • Temperature Operation -5°C ~45°C
  • Storage -25°C ~55°C
  • Transport -25°C ~70°C
Datasheet is available in PDF format. You can download it here.